Our Parish

Beechwood Parish is dedicated to serving the local Catholic community of Ranelagh. We provide a haven for worship, prayer, and reflection, offering a range of religious services, pastoral support, and community engagement.

Church of the Holy Name
The Church of the Holy Name, an architectural gem and spiritual cornerstone, is where we come together to celebrate our faith. It hosts regular Mass services, including Sunday Mass, weekday Mass, and special liturgical events to mark religious milestones.

Community Involvement
At Beechwood Parish, we believe in living out our faith through action. Our parish is actively involved in community outreach, extending our hand to those in need and participating in local charitable initiatives. We also offer religious education and support during life’s most significant moments, from baptisms to weddings and funerals.

Church of the Holy Name, Beechwood Avenue

Tuesday and Thursday 10:00am
Saturday 5.30pm Family Mass
Sunday 9.30am (Irish)
First Friday 10.00am
Holy Day 10.00am on the Holy Day
Vigil Mass for Holy Days 7pm