Parish Pastoral Council

Mission Statement :

The purpose of the  Beechwood Avenue Parish Pastoral Council is to embrace and nurture a lively Christian parish of faith, connecting to the wider community with kindness, inclusiveness and care of all.

President :
Fr Paul Taylor PP

Chair :
Rita Lovett

Members :
Sarah Burns, Rita Lovett, Eugene McLoughlin,
Armelle Mitchell, Claire Moran, Eithne Wall, Aideen Loftus.

The Parish Pastoral Council is the leadership group in the parish, where priests and people work together, co-responsibly, to build up the parish into a Christian community rooted in the four areas of Faith, Evangelisation (how we live out in words and deeds the good news of God’s love for us)Worship and Service.

They work together in a respectful way to discern what is best for the parish:

  1. In light of the gospel
  2. The church’s teaching
  3. What the Holy Spirit is saying through the parish community

The major tasks involve:

  • Assessing the needs of the parish community and involving the whole parish in response to those needs
  • Enabling the parish community to own their call as baptised disciples of Christ by discovering the gifts of the parishioners, and helping develop them through the provision of training and on-going formation
  • Providing projects and actions that will link the needs of the parish with the gifts and resources already available in the parish
  • Ensuring that up-to-date and accurate information is exchanged between, and with the parish, the diocese and the wider community
  • Reviewing the life and activities of the parish and reporting back to parishioners so that parishioners will have a sense of contributing in the mission of Jesus Christ to bring about the reign of God on earth (that is, building a world based on the Gospel values of peace, love and justice for all)