Being a sustainable tourist

Published on May 22, 2024

How to be a Sustainable Tourist

Travel and tourism connect people and bring the world closer through shared experiences, cultural awareness and community building. It provides jobs, spurs

regional development, and is a key driver for socio-economic progress.

However, there is often a downside; Many popular destinations are threatened by increasing pollution, environmental hazards, damage to heritage sites and overuse of

resources. And that’s without factoring the pollution caused by travel to and from these destinations.

Sustainable travel is all about reducing tourism’s negative impacts and on maximising its positive benefits for communities, cultures, ecosystems, and the planet.

It takes into account both the immediate impacts felt today as well as those longer-term impacts that will be experienced by future generations.

Simple actions can make the difference to your destination. This can be as basic as favouring reusable bottles and bags over single use plastics. Or letting the hotel know

you are happy to use the sheets and towels for longer. Buying local, whether that’s food or souvenirs, supports local providers and their community. Look beyond the

popular Instagramable hotspots and find more authentic – and less crowded! – experiences.

So, whether your trip is to Bali or Belmullet, enjoy your time off and be part of the solution by adopting responsible travel habits. By doing so, we can all enjoy a future

where tourism respects and protects our planet.